High Shear Homogenizing and Emulsifier

High Shear Dispersing Machine a compound machine which combines the function of mixing, dispersing, fining, homogenizing, and emulsifying. Its invention is a revolution in mixing industry. It solves the problem that carried with the traditional machines, enhances the productivity and is applied intensively in chemical engineering food and pharmacy industries.Applicable medium Liquor and Liquor, Liquor and Solid.

Round-hole stator

Round-hole stator is applicable for normal
mixing or crushing big-size granule, the round
holes in this stator pmvide the ultra circulation
among all stator types, applicable for
pmcessing material of high viscosity

Long-hole stator

Long-hole stator is applicable for rapidly
crushing medium-size solid granule and the
blending with liquid with medium viscosity; it
provides the maximum area of cutting surface
and good circulation

Mesh Stator

Mesh stator, which is applied for mixing lowviscosity
liquid, possesses ultra cutting
speed; it is optimum for the preparation of
latex and crushing and dissolving tiny
granule in liquid..