TIPCO provides various Resin Production Lines for different resins such as unsaturated polyester resin. Phenolic resin, epoxy resin, ABS resin etc. Tt production line can be also used for producing adhesives white glues, emulsions etc

System Components Technical Specification
Main Reactor  Optional materials: Carbon Steel, SS304, ss316L
 Environment requirement: Exproof Non Exproof. Exproof can be customeed
 Jacket: Two-layer jacket, limpet coil jacket
 Agitator type: Blade type, anchor type, frame type, turbine type, de-foam type
 Sealing type: Packing Seal, Mechanical Seal.
Condensing and reflux device  Distillation column
 Vertical Condenser
 Horizontal Condenser
 Water separator and reflux pipeline
Dilution Kettle  SS304, SS3164 Q235 are available for option.
Heating/Cooling System  Heating medium: Steam heating Thermo oil heating, Hot water heating
 Heating method: Direct heating circulation heating
 Cooling: Tap water cooling chilling water cooling
Electri Control System  Manual, Semi-auto, Automatic control


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