Double Planetary Mixer have two cutting blades which rotates on their axes, while the mixing process is done. The cutting blades work continuously inside the vessel, so that it can remove all the substance which gets splashed on the wall into the batch for mixing. In these Double Planetary Mixer, the cutting blades undergo a number of revolution. Mostly it has been seen that after 3 complete revolution, the batch starts mixing and when it has undergone 36 revolution then the batch is ready to be used for the other step.

Our company has been doing this job since the year 1985 and have provided it to different companies. Now Tipco Engineering are offering its customers with different types of mixer that can enhance the capacities and capabilities of their plants. These are made in such a way that while one vessel is wheeled away for remote release and cleaning, another wheels starts mixing the batch as soon as possible. Today we beat all others in both production and reliability of the material of the mixer. With no packing glands or bearings in the product zone, contamination is virtually eliminated.

Double Planetary Mixer are controlled by the AC drives, these products are widely used for the mixing purposes. The epitome of this mixer is the blending and unification of the materials having different range of consistencies, viscosities, densities, shapes and proportions.

Uses of Double Planetary Mixer:

Tipco Engineering’s made Double Planetary Mixer is used in the companies which produce pharmaceutical powders, ointments, cream, lotions, pastes, toothpaste, cosmetics, food and confectionaries, rubber & rubber compound, colors and pigments, PVC and plastic material, ceramics, pesticides, metal powder insecticides, adhesives, resins etc

Parameter/type Bowl size(Diax Dep) Full volumecapacity Working volumecapacity Power Agitating speed on own axis(rpm) Orbital / scraping speed (rpm) Raising /lowering stroke (mm) VACUUM(Mpa)
TEW-02L 180X120/150 3/3.8 2 0.37-0.75 0-100 0-60 220 -0.098~-0.08
TEW-02L 180X120/150 3/3.8 2 0.37-0.75 0-100 0-60 220 -0.098~-0.08
TEW-02L 240/288/180 8/11.7 5 0.55-1.5 0-100 0-60 270 -0.098~-0.08
TEW-100L 600X460/500 130/140 100 4~11 0-100 0-60 560 -0.098~-0.08
TEW-200L 720/750/650 265/287 200 7.5~15 0-80 0-50 750 -0.098~-0.08
TEW-500L 1000×380 650 500 15~37 0-60 0-40 930 -0.098~-0.08
TEW-1000L 1250x 1000 1227 1000 30~55 0-50 0-30 1100 -0.098~-0.08

Double Planetary Mixer