Twin Shaft Disperser

Suitable for stirring and mixing high viscosity materials in paint, coating and printing ink industries. The frame stirring device makes the material be mixed and prevents wall sticking. The high-speed dispersion makes the materials be mixed and dispersed adequately and the product can reach the requirement in a short time. Dispersing and mixing can go at the same time and result in an ideal effect. Various agitator types: Anchor agitator with scraper, three-blade, high-speed dispersion disc, high shear emulsifier, screw agitator, multi-layers impellers, etc. The agitator can be designed according to the property of the materials and the requirements of different production technology.

Major Feature

  • Suitable for Industrial production
  • Hydraulic lift system for the convenience of machine handling.
  • Low investment will be required to purchase this product.
  • Speed controller with easy to operate this machine.
  • Machine comes with 0-1440 RPM speed controller.
  • Mass production for the large industries.
  • Machine comes with changeable blades


• Printing inks

• Paints

• Coatings

• Color Paste 

• Pigment 

• Dyes Stuff Billet

• Other Chemicals Processing

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