Nano Mill

Our Nano Mill is suitable for Nano Material, it will solve all the ticklish problems in your process, like material fineness, temperature, output, pure colour, and metal contaminations. With the innovative design of separate blades, the arrangement allows high shearing force for wet grinding and dispersion in various realms, achieving the required fineness quickly. Tipco Horizontal Nano Mill is most applicable to nano class milling with a unique design interface that allows easy operation, supreme wear resistance and exceptionally low wear and tears. A compressive cooling system gives better heat dissipation colling system gives better heat dissipation and improves the lowering of the temperature.


Ink industry:

Nano mills are becoming more and more popular in ink industry for their ability to produce high quality prints with minimal waste this technology. Our machine allows for more consistent, accurate color reproduction and lower overall production costs.

Color Paint Industry:

Our machine technology is being increasingly applied to colour paint industry and can produce a higher quality paint with fewer particles, which results in less waste and improved performance.

Cosmetic Industry:

Nano milling is a method of producing nano particles that are used in cosmetics and other skin care products and also has many applications, including in sunscreen and eye cream manufacturing.

Pigment Industry:

Pigment industry has been seeking a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to produce pigments for use in cosmetics products, it also offers a promising solution as it is able to produce smaller sized particles which can be easily dispersed in water or other liquids.

Pharmacy & Pesticide Industry:

It is an important technological development in the pharmacy and pesticide industry, this is due to its ability to produce smaller dosage forms of medications and pesticides that are more effective.

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