Vertical Sand Mill

Vertical Sand mill that reduces particle size and disperses pigments in liquids in the paint, ink, and coating industries. Grinding zones and separators are made of high wear-resistant alloy, long life, low maintenance works. The rotor & stator are double spiral cooling water pipes that effectively control the temperature requirements and our machine's efficient stick pin design increases the output. As long as it matches the high-speed disperser machines, the raw material can achieve grinding fineness, significantly improving production efficiency.

Grinding zone and separators are made of high wear-resistant alloy, long life, less maintenance works. Rotor and stator are made of double spiral cooling water pipes which would effectively control the temperature requirements. An efficient stick pins structure enhances the output production. Hydraulic pistons of grinding chamber design, the adjusted chamber and ensure mill effect. 

Major Feature

  •         Excellent and efficient vertical sand mills can have different characteristics.
  •         The first thing that best classifies a sand mill is its establishment.
  •         Many companies make sand mills worldwide, but the one that helps make the design straight is considered the best and according to organization requirements.
  •         Our Machines provide efficient work; we believe efficiency is an important term.
  •         Vertical sand mill should be operational with long-term efficiency and it’s giving the machines work faster and produced better results.


  •          Paint Industry
  •          Inks Industry
  •          Coating Industry
  •          Chemical Industry
  •          Solvent Industry 

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