System Introduction

Raw Materials Storage System:
It mainly consists of raw materials storage tank and raw materials charging system. Powder raw materials normally packed in bag (Small bag or T bag) or in bulk. Fluid raw materials are packed in pail (Small pail or gallon) or in bulk.

Charging system: It includes:
Raw materials go into the raw materials storage tank, go to the batching hopper and then go to the dispersing- and-mixing system and finally go to packing system. Powder charging method: Charge manually Charge by mechanical method (such as bucket elevator, screw conveyor pipe chain convey), vacuum charging, pneumatic convey etc. Liquid method: Charge manually charge charging through pump (normal pump, pump for high viscous materials sanitary pump), vacuum charging etc.

Automatic batching system:
It includes various automatic weighing and dosing method: Flow meter measurement, level measurement, volume measurement etc.

Polymerization System:
Including Dispersing Emulsifying, Grinding and Mixing etc

Dispersion Mixing System: 
Liquid processing technology: Dispersing, Grinding, Emulsifying and Mixing. These four different production technologies can be combined together as per production requirements. They can combine together to do batch production or become a group to do automatic production in completely closed system.

Filling system:
Several filling machines( Fluid filling machine, Fluid Filling machine (drum), Paste Filling Machine, Automatic Four Drum Filling Machine, Fluid Automatic Filling Machine) are optional as per raw materials property required filing capacity and requirements.

Control system:
Control system PLC can adopt automatic control, touch screen display or PC. The system with stable performance is easy to operate. The whole working process is to learn, it can be easy connected to PC to record, print and call out all the production date, easy to operate and maintenance.