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Reactors have a multitude of uses in the chemical processing field. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms. They are also made out of a variety of materials such as glass or stainless steel. The most basic definition of a reactor is: a vessel that contains a chemical reaction.

As you continue reading this post, you will see that a reactor is a tool that can be used for many different processes related to extraction, winterization, distillation, and post-processing. In terms of cannabinoid processing, the most common use for a reactor is large scale winterization.

A single or double jacketed reactor is ideal for this process. It allows you to circulate fluid around the exterior or interior jacket to chill the mixture inside. As the mixture becomes colder, the fats and waxes in the mixture begin to coagulate and will fall out of the solution. Reactors can also be used for homogenizing mixtures. They can also be used as stand-alone extraction vessels.

Reactors that are used for cannabinoid processing usually have a single or dual jacket system. In a single jacket system, a chiller is used to circulate liquid around the vessel. In a double jacket system, a chiller is used to circulate fluid through the inner jacket, while the outer jacket is used for vacuum insulation to ensure the vessel will maintain the desired temperature. At BVV, we find double jacketed systems to be the most efficient.

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Technical Information

Cylinder Size (mm)400*500400*500600+700750*750900*8001200*10001300*12001400*15001600*15001700*18001800*2000
Actual Capacity(L)61150253396699139321663000406654006600
Jacket Capacity(L)65120200250290560617750101512261440
Heating Area (m2)0.781.361.92.412.74.55.9791112.8
MOTOR Power (kw)0.551.111.532.
Rotating Speed (r/min)8585858585858585636363
Discharging ValueDN25DN25DN40DN40DN50DN50DN50DN65DN65DN80DN80

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